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Buzz Okinawajp

Buzz Okinawa とは


Buzz Okinawaはあなたの投稿を自分のSNSやサイトにリンクすることができるので、「沖縄」をキーワードにあなたの写真や記事を世界中にPRできるのが最大の魅力です!※投稿規約の遵守が必要です。

「 Buzz」とは、「ざわざわする」「なんだか気になる」という気分を表現しています。​沖縄をテーマに、いろんな「Buzz」を一緒に起こしませんか?皆様の投稿を心よりお待ちしてます!

Buzz Okinawaen

About Buzz Okinawa

Welcome to Buzz Okinawa!


It is a site that links "Okinawa Fun" all over the the world.


Since it is possible to post pictures showing the state of various activities being tackled in the "Okinawa kenjinkai", and comment among members, you can deepen the exchange on the web.

Many Uchinanchu, Okinawa We are aiming for a platform that you can enjoy with those overflowing with love.

​Also, you can link to your SNS from this site! You can PR to all over the world with the keyword of OKINAWA!


"Buzz" expresses the feeling of  "kind of anxious!!". Why do'nt you bring up "Buzz" together about Okinawa as a theme? We are waiting for your posts from the bottom of my heart!

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